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Operating theaters        

The CIPF Animal Facility has 2 fully equipped, state-of-the art surgical facilities:

  • Karl Storz Aida is an advanced data and image file handling system. It is based on a computerized documentation system and secure archive of images, audio and video sequence and patient data. Record the data in a therapeutic or diagnostic intervention directly from the operating room.
  • The Karl Storz-SCB system allows central representation of the remote control device parameters SCB connected. Together with the Media Control and AMX multimedia unit enables data transfer, video conferencing, video from in vivo surgery, etc.
  • Both systems are integrated in what is known as KARL STORZ OR-1, an integrated OR. This will integrate endoscopes, cameras, documentation, communication, etc. With this system, data transfers, light activations surgery theater or video can be activated as usual or traditional, from a touch screen or by voice.
  • 2 Karl Storz Endoscopy towers equipped with TFT monitor, cold light source, Thermoflator, and optical Endomat different calibers (the latter are considered as endoscopic equipment common to both areas).
  • 2 Stations Draeger Primus anesthetic with their motors hemodynamic Draeger Infinity Delta.
  • Monopolar and bipolar electrosurgical generators (Valleylab / Storz).
  • Two surgical tables with temperature control and integrated mobility.